Steps You Can Take Before Full Bathroom Remodeling

Modern bathroom zero threshold showerHave you been thinking of a bathroom remodeling project because of safety concerns for you or a loved one?  Have you noticed your own needs are changing?  Or, have you recognized that in order for you to stay in your home longer a remodel could be in order?

As we age, our needs and physical capabilities change, making it more challenging to use our bathrooms in the same ways.  Bathroom remodeling  focused on safety and accessibility is a definite and beneficial option for you.

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Simple changes to make before you start bathroom remodeling

There are several simple steps that you can implement yourself today, without taking on a full bathroom remodeling project!  Of course, if you want a more extensive bathroom changes, we would love to work with you!

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Let’s start with your toilet

  1. You can raise your toilet several inches by adding a raised toilet seat to your existing toilet or by replacing your toilet with a comfort height toilet and adding a grab bar, thereby making it easier and safer getting up and off.  You want to make sure your toilet paper holder is easy to reach from a sitting position, too.
  2. If you’re concerned about how anesthetic grab bars look, have no fear.  Grab bars of today are much more residential minded with a wide variety of options to match your styles.

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A safer, more accessible shower area

  1. Placing non-skid material in the bottom of your shower to help keep you from slipping.
  2. Removing any throw rugs you have laying around which are easy to slip on, especially at night in the dark.
  3. Adding grab bars to the outside and inside of your shower, so you have something to hold while getting in and out of the tub/shower unit.
  4. If you find that you aren’t using your tub as much anymore, you can get rid of your tub entirely by removing it and replacing it with a zero threshold shower, which is a shower that you can walk right into, no stepping over the tub or threshold.
  5. Add a sliding, hand held shower head on a flexible hose to your shower, and a shower seat so that you can sit down when you want.   Make sure your shower seat is securely connected each time before you take a bath or shower.
  6. If you do like to take baths, universal bath chairs or portable bath bench can be a great addition to your bathroom, and make getting in and out of the bathtub much easier and safer.

Other simple suggestions

  1. Put extra lighting in your bathroom, such as a night-light or motion sensor light for those late night bathroom trips.  These are good for your kitchen as well.  Night-lights or motion sensor lights are economical and efficient to light up those areas that need a little extra light such as at the base and top of stairs, in hallways, and by your front door.
  2. Do you have a telephone outlet into your bathroom?  If not, make sure you carry your cell phone in with you, just in case.
  3. Replace door knobs with a lever style handles, making them easier to open and close.
  4. If your bathroom door closes to the inside and your bathroom already feels snug, consider having Mister Handy Service Specialists switch the door closure so the door swings out.

These are just a few ideas you could use to make changes in your bathroom.  If you are thinking about a remodel, we’ll be happy to talk over your options.  Full bathroom remodeling services can be reasonably priced and completed in a relatively short period of time.

Kristi Barber is President of Mister Handy Service Specialists, and a Certified Aging In Place Specialist. You can contact her by calling Mister Handy Service Specialists at 605-721-0164.

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