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Home improvement & repairHome improvement and repair are important parts of owning a home. They not only protect your investment, but also help in keeping your home pleasant to live in and meeting your needs as changes happen in your life.

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Improvements retain value

Maintaining and upgrading your home is a wise investment, as it shows your commitment as a homeowner to keeping your home in good condition and even up with the times, in the case of home improvement. Studies prove that making improvements to your home is a solid investment, with many improvements providing an 80 – 90%+ return on your investment.

There are a variety of reasons someone chooses to have a professional do work in or on their home, from not wanting to have to deal with doing the work themselves to not having the right skills. We understand.

If you have a home repair project that you haven’t gotten around to, or one that’s beyond your knowledge, we’re happy to help!

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Home improvement services

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Mister Handy Service Specialists is dedicated to providing outstanding home improvement and repair service to residents in the Rapid City, SD area, by friendly professionals and at competitive prices.

We love helping our neighbors get some much-deserved peace of mind! Once we’re on the job, you can relax and enjoy your home and your family — leave the heavy lifting to us!

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